There are professions for which nothing is needed except a laptop and own knowledge: IT specialists, marketers, people associated with media, PR or the sphere of art. They can work from anywhere in the world, take only interesting tasks and select an individual schedule for themselves, in which all areas of life are in an ideal balance for them. But you have to pay for a life free from the office: you need to have certain qualities or be ready to pump them.

Before plunging into the fairy -tale world of freelance, check: maybe the role of a free artist is not suitable for you. Here are a few qualities of a specialist for whom work in the office is preferable to remotely.

Inability to manage time

Office work sets the rhythm. But if you are busy on the project remotely, plan your time, motivate and even force yourself to work yourself. There will be no fines for inaction, but also earnings – also. Just after some time customers will leave you. It’s hard to even be on freelance even super -urganized people, and “chaos”, that is, those who cannot be effective in the framework of hard schedules and rules, especially – especially.

This does not mean that “chaotics” cannot be successful freelancers, but they will have to make a lot of effort and learn flexible planning, which is right for them. The rest will need to develop new habits and engage in self -discipline. Not ready – it is better to stay in the office.

Unwillingness to study

To remain a professional in your field, you need to constantly learn and improve skills. Work in the company pushes to training and provides opportunities for advanced training. Even communication with colleagues, meetings and meetings keep you up to date in what is happening in your area.

But when you are left to yourself, there is a risk of behind the pace of industry development and find yourself on the periphery without customers and subscribers. Therefore, you need to constantly update your knowledge: read professional blogs, articles and books, take training courses, participate in forums.

It seems that it is not so difficult, but in reality the internal “motor”, aimed at studying, does not have everyone. You will have to either accept this for granted and sometimes force yourself, or abandon the idea of working remotely.


Freelance is the case when modesty does not decorate. A remote specialist should be able to make self -presentations and adequately evaluate his professional skills in monetary terms. Without this, neither customers, nor followers, nor even colleagues in the workshop will know how cool you are.

Therefore, you have to learn to praise yourself and at every opportunity to talk about your achievements. Be sure to install the lower bar of the price tag for your services and in no case allow you to depreciate your work. For yourself – first of all. If the installation “I am the last letter of the alphabet” firmly settled in my head – work on its elimination. Even if you do not dare to leave the office, self -presentation skills will come in handy in all areas of life.

The importance of stability

Sometimes customers and customers look like an uncontrollable car that stalls or gives out a huge number of orders in a short period of time. And at the same time. So, freelancer has a lot of free time, then too much load. Experienced experts have already learned to catch a wave and establish a constant influx of orders. But their number does not always depend on the freelancer himself. Therefore, sometimes you will be loaded beyond measure, sometimes – too free.

And the flow of money in the pocket will also not be constant and the same. It is important to be morally and financially ready for this. If it is difficult to live the conditions of uncertainty or there are monetary obligations, it is better not to risk.

Unconvention to monotonous work

Thanks to beautiful stories in media and social networks, there is an idea that the life of a freelancer is full of adventure, and work is a fascinating and exciting process. There is a share of truth in this: as a rule, freelancers choose a sphere to their liking. And there really is a drive in work, but most often it is associated with the proximity of the deadline. And most of the time still takes a monotonous and measured execution of the order or preparation of the post for publication.

Add to this that outside the office of personal communication will be much less.

With colleagues, clients and even friends, you will more often communicate on the network than live.

If you calculated one of the described features, this does not mean that the life of a freelancer is not for you. But you will have to work on yourself more than those who have these characteristics to a lesser extent. After all, the ability to self -organization and training or the ability to be calm in conditions of uncertainty for everyone is different.

Everyone starts with their own base, and the latter – if desired and zealous in working on themselves, can be the first.